General music teacher

Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument? The clarinet has a special place among other instruments because of it's versatility.

For years I have enjoyed supporting children as well as adults to discover music in a personal and accessible way. I'm approachable and inclusive, and I have an open-mind. Having fun making music comes first, followed by giving people confidence in their own abilities. With my enthousiasm, I want to contage as many people as possible for making music!

During my lessons, I help students understand the rules of music through singing, movement, listening to music and playing on instruments. I arouse their creativity by having the participants make small variations on existing music, and gradually expanding those to their own compositions.

As a general music teacher in pre- and primary school I'm currently connected to ICO, Vrijdag and Scala Meppel/Hoogeveen.

Music specialist in the Special Needs Education

In cooperation with classroom teachers from the Special Needs Education I took training during a period of two years. Together we developed and gave music lessons in their classes. In this way we learnt from each other.

I'm impressed by the enthousiasm and the creativity of those students! It is rewarding to provide music lessons in Special Needs Education; it holds a special place in my teaching practice. The trainings were provided by Stichting Tamino in collaboration with the Prins Claus Conservatory.

Musician and trainer at Embrace Nederland

As a clarinettist and trainer I'm connected to EMBRACE Nederland. They develop innovative music programmes to help vulnerable people to a better quality of life: besides "Music and Dementia", interactive concerts are given and musical moments in palliative care.

Music and Dementia
In order to enhance the well-being of people living with dementia EMBRACE Nederland developed the programme "Music and Dementia". Where language can't reach people with dementia anymore, music very often can! During a series of 8 workshops we will be looking for a person's personality behind the disease of dementia. To give a clear structure to the workshops, we will play a specially composed melody at the beginning and end of each session. After 2 or 3 weeks the participants will start to recognize the melody and start singing along or even moving to it. In the act of the workshops we will make music for and with participants, connecting to their personal preferences. Of course we hope to evoke a reaction from the participants: where some play an instrument themselves, others might only tap the rhythm with their finger. In addition to inproved contact between a person suffering from dementia and their family and carers, there are more positive effects that can be accomplished through music: for example improvements in their mood and their eating and sleeping patterns. With specially designed trainings care staff and care volunteers can learn to integrate music in their daily care practice.

Interactive Concerts
For people with a wide range of disabilities, from learning difficulties to severe multiple disablement EMBRACE Nederland organises Interactive Concerts in residential and day care centres. The concerts are based on a combination of classical music repertoire and improvisation. The aim of the concerts is to improve the well-being of the clients and their contact with their carers and to improve their work environment.

Palliative Care
EMBRACE Nederland also provides 'musical moments' for end-of-life care. It is seen that such activities as music making and listening have a positive influence on patients and their families. Through the 'musical moments' it is possible to focus on other things than the progression of disease or the end of life. Here patients, families and care staff can enjoy the comfort, rest and joy of live music. These are based on repertoire and improvisation. The patients may also request specific repertoire choices.