Teacher for clarinet and general music education

Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument? The clarinet has a special place among other instruments because of it's versatility.

Playing jazz, classical, folk and klezmer music styles; the clarinet is a much beloved instrument in a great number of musical styles. There are different kinds of clarinets: such as the bumble-bee-bass-clarinet and the screeching-tires E-flat clarinet. After only a few lessons you will be able to play your first songs. And maybe you'll find it very enjoyable to play with others in an orchestra?

I adapt the lessons to the possibilities and wishes of my pupils. Basically, children from 8 years can start learning the clarinet. Adults and seniors are welcome in my practice too!
In addition I also teach general music education to children aged 4-7.

As a teacher I'm currently connected to Muzentuin Beilen, 't Eiland van Groningen and Scala Meppel/Hoogeveen.
If you think the clarinet is something you'd like to try, or are you looking for a new teacher? Then please get in contact to request a free trial lesson!

Music specialist in the Special Needs Education

In cooperation with classroom teachers from the Special Needs Education I take training during a period of two years. Together we develop and give music lessons in their classes. In this way we learn from each other. The training is provided by Stichting Tamino and the Prins Claus Conservatory.

Music and Dementia (Music for Life)

Where language can't reach people with dementia anymore, music very often can! During a series of 8 workshops we will be looking for a person's personality behind the disease of dementia.

To give a clear structure to the workshops, we will play a specially composed melody at the beginning and end of each session. After 2 or 3 weeks the participants will start to recognize the melody and start singing along or even moving to it. In the act of the workshops we will make music for and with the inhabitants which connects as much as possible to their personal preferences. Of course we hope to evoke a reaction from the participants: where some play an instrument themselves, others might only tap the rhythm with their finger.

Next to the contact between a person suffering from dementia and their family and carers, there are more positive effects that can be accomplished through music: for example improvements in their mood and their eat- and sleeping patterns. You can find a wonderful video about our work on the website of Cityproms Embrace, who organise the workshops.

Blaas je betoeterd!

During the series of 3 lessons children will be challenged to explore how sound takes shape. Vibrations, pitch and volume is being investigated by tinkering and creating wind instruments out of trash.

At the same time pupils learn about different kinds of wind instruments and musical styles. Of course we also make music on our own handicrafted instruments together!
I have developed the lesson series Blaas je betoeterd! for children aged 7-12 in cooperation with Buro Reprise.

For more information about this project or a (noncomittal) request please contact me.

Eigenwijs Digitaal

Eigenwijs Digitaal is a complete digital method for interactive whiteboard in the classroom. To familiarise the teachers with the method and to increase their expertise and understanding of the method I offer extensive training.

Training subjects include orientating and advanced training in singing, playing, movement, listening and notation, there are also individual and instrumental trainings available.

Eigenwijs Digitaal contains lessons for all groups and a very large collection of children's songs. The teacher's preparation is reduced to a minimum because of the clear instructions, pictures, video's and audio examples.

For more information, feel free to contact me.