About me


During my studies I had some special experiences on tour with the Ricciotti Ensemble. We played on the streets, for the neighbours, in prisons, in refugee centers and in different kinds of health institutions. The enthusiasm of these audiences, who otherwise probably wouldn't attend a concert, made me very happy!

After studying for a few years in The Hague I was ready for a new challenge and got accepted to the reputable “Hochschule für Musik” in Detmold (Germany). I studied clarinet and music pedagogy with piano as an extra subject. This distinguished conservatory appealed to me very much; students from all over the world wield with each other in a very open way.

When I was asked to participate as a teacher in a music festival in Taiwan, I learned that music can be taught perfectly without speaking each others language...maybe it works even better, because you have to listen to each other very carefully!

After my studies I started as a clarinettist at the Royal Military Band "Johan Willem Friso" in Assen. As a member of this orchestra I made several beautiful recordings and travelled to military tattoos in Victoria (Canada), Oslo, Berlin and London amongst other cities.

However I missed sharing my passion for music with others. That's why in 2016 I became an independent music teacher. Inspired by the times I played with the Ricciotti Ensemble, I would like to make music and musical interaction available to everyone. Through personal contact I'd like to give people the confidence that they too can make music and enjoy it! Are you curious how I achieve this? Take a look at my Projects!